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Advance Payment

The client must pay fifty percent (50%) of the total quoted amount for website development before Bizmanthra Business and IT Solutions Pvt Ltd can commence work on the project.

Additional Charges

Any significant changes to the project scope, whether additions or removals based on client feedback, will incur additional charges.

Royalty Stock Images

Any payments for royalty stock images, subscriptions, or services not covered in the contract must be made directly by the client to the respective vendors or service providers.


If a client requests a project cancellation, Bizmanthra cannot guarantee a refund. Once financial confirmation is received, designers, developers, and project managers will be assigned. Bizmanthra is not liable for reimbursing any transaction charges related to the project.

Hold/Close Work

Work will be completed within the agreed timeframe. A grace period of 1-2 weeks will be allowed after the project duration ends. If an extension of more than 2 weeks is needed, the remaining balance must be paid to pause the work. Failure to do so may result in work closure. Work can be resumed once the balance payment is made.

Transfer of Domains

If you wish to transfer the domain and hosting from us, there are no objections. However, please note that there may be applicable fees for the transfer, as we maintain your website daily.

Refund Policy

Once the contract is signed and activated, the client is not eligible for a refund under any circumstances at any point in time.

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